Boot Camp SA children’s party division has over the past 10 years developed the ultimate in kid’s parties in Durban. Our dedicated instructors and amazing outdoor party venue in the scenic Giba Valley will thrill your guests and raise your recruit’s spirits to new levels. We offer value for money with exceptional quality.

Non-stop kids parties action and excitement !


The Original Boot Camp Kids Army Party Experience
The Mission: 2.5hrs

Enter the world of Army training. Centered on our Commando Obstacle course this option is a really fun and exciting experience for juniors to take part in and for parents to watch.

Private Range Hire with Designated Paintball Marshal

The Mission: 2.5 hrs

This is an ideal venue for kids birthday parties. The paintball is booked privately for your group and includes your own sheltered rest area set up with serving tables and chairs as well as a dedicated on-site marshal.

Commando Party including Paintball Target Shooting
The Mission: 2.5 hrs

Taking the Commando Kids Party up a notch in army adventure and adrenalin. We include some thrilling Paintball Target Shooting – designed for those kids still a bit too small for contact paintball but want to get their thrill of guns and shooting things as well!!

Commando Obstacles and Paintball Combo

The Mission: 4 hrs

An extended party option which incorporates contact paintball in the bush warfare range as well as the Commando Obstacle Course; if we still have time and recruits still have the energy teams battle it out with some tug-o-war as well. A suitable option for teenagers too.




SATURDAYS                               09h00; 12h00 and 15h00


WEEKDAYS                                 Times are flexible


« Private headquarters: AFDAK – An undercover area set-up complete with 15 to 20 chairs, 2 tables, camouflage table cloths, water canister and plastic cups booked for duration of booking. Power Point available (depending on Eskom).

« Professional instructors with operational experience.

« Structured, non-stop interactive activities and entertainment.

« Boot Camp SA Invitation template (includes indemnity & map).

« Free Use of the braai facilities during your booking but please let us know beforehand – please provide own charcoal & tongs.

Why book with Boot Camp SA, Giba Valley for Kids Parties??

«  We have a stunning Outdoor Venue in the picturesque Giba Valley along a pristine river – a real nature experience.

«  Our enthusiastic and professional instructors give their best to give your children a great experience.

«  We offer is a nice relaxed environment for parents to get to know one another and be entertained together while watching their children taking part in a really unique experience.

«  We have hosted hundreds of birthday parties and the response we get from parents makes us proud and keeps us motivated to keep providing an uplifting experience.

«  We guarantee quality activities, quality catering, quality service and quality equipment.       


«  What happens if it rains?

We go Navy Seals with loads of mud – the kids love it! Major Moms and Major Dads take cover under the roof of their private Headquarters. We will stop if there is lightening threatening. If you would like to re-schedule on the day unfortunately any cooked meals ordered will not be refundable but can be collected.

«  What happens if extra recruits arrive on the day?

Extra recruits will be charged for on the day. It is however important for us to finalise the number of kids as close as possible prior to the party to ensure we have enough instructors booked. It may not always be possible to include extra recruits arriving on the day.

«  What if fewer recruits arrive on the day?

Unfortunately it is difficult to adjust the amount of recruits down on the day as provisions have been made for instructors and catering according to the number of recruits booked for.  Parents will be charged for confirmed numbers and not the numbers attending on the day should the numbers drop.

«  What can the younger siblings and other kids do that are not part of the structured activities?

These kids seem to be quite happy running around, watching and exploring. Under no circumstances will these kids (or their parents) be permitted to play on any obstacles. Jumping castle hire is available.

«  Are there Toilets?

YES, but they are reserved for the Sarges!! If you give us 10 pushups you can use them. We have a neat little ablution block consisting of a Toilet and Basin (or you can just Pick a Bush!!)

«  What should the Recruits wear?

The oldest looking clothes in the cupboard. Cap, sunscreen and rain coat if required. Sensible shoes such as old pair of takkies. No slops, platforms or barefoot. Please wear long pants for paintball parties.

«  Can girls take part or have their kids parties at Boot Camp?

Absolutely!  The G.I. Janes kick butt. They have just as much fun as and are just as capable as the G.I. Joes. 

« Why do they need a towel?

After most parties the kids are more than dirty and certainly far from car friendly. The towel can be used to sit on during the trip home. 

« Is there place for the moms and dads to sit?

Each range has a private undercover headquarters which overlooks the party. Areas are equipped with tables, camo cloths and chairs for folks not taking part in the party. 

« When do recruits get to eat?

Parties are divided into mini missions. With drink/sweets/cake breaks in-between. 

« Is paintball sore?

Yes it is sore – if hit, paintballs may cause bruises and can even open the skin. 

« Can we bring our own catering?

Yes, with pleasure. Please remember to bring plates, ice, charcoal, firelighters etc 

« Should parents stay for the party? ABSOLUTELY!!

Please feel free to invite the parents to stay for the party.  The major moms and major dads will be highly entertained and some brave ones may even join in the kids parties. We have braai facilities on request and we encourage parents to have a social braai during the party. This is a nice chance for parents to get to know one another so please invite the parents to stay.



«  Kids Parties are fully facilitated by experienced and professional instructors to ensure safety, loads of fun and maximum interaction for all.

«  Only persons included in the booking that have a signed Boot Camp SA Indemnity are permitted to use the facilities under the observation of a Boot Camp Instructor.

«  Guests and Children of guests that are not included in the booking may not make use of the facilities.

«  No unsupervised use of facilities is permitted at any time; a Boot Camp SA Instructor must be present.

«  Indemnity forms must be signed by all parents of kids participating in any activity and any person using any of the Boot Camp facilities.

«  Although full consideration is taken to avoid accidents and injuries, due to the outdoor and physical nature of the activities please be aware that accidents can happen.

«  A First Aid Kit is on hand.






From: Stephanie Millar
Sent: Monday, 04 March 2019 07:19
To: Boot Camp SA HQ
Subject: Thank You


I would like to thank you and your team for one of the best afternoons my son has had in a very long time. I am so happy we chose to have his birthday party at Bootcamp SA. Drill Sergeant Razor was AMAZING! He was great with the adults, he was great with the kids – we all loved having him run the show. The obstacles, the beautiful green, shaded and clean setting, the deluxe catering set-up, we can fault none of it.

Your team put on a great party that allowed for two important things:

1) Letting the adults just relax while Razor put them through their paces

2) Giving the kids a fun, challenging and memorable couple of hours.

Thank you so so much! I will happily spread the word of Bootcamp SA. Well done to you guys.


Sent: Monday, 05 February 2018
To: Boot Camp SA Headquarters
Subject: Liam Commando Party 3 Feb at 12/00

Morning Guys,

I just want to thank your awesome Team.  My Son Liam had his birthday party there on Saturday at 12h00 and the kids had a blast and they didn’t want to go home.  Sad part is Liam broke his arm last week Monday and couldn’t participate in the course so we had to fight back some tears, needless to say, he had fun too. Your place is well organized, the snacks, food, tables, everything was just awesome, thank you so very much!! The Sargent was just fabulous and the kids absolutely loved him.  When Liam’s arm is ready, we’ll definitely bring him back to experience the fun!



From: Julie Fielers
Sent: Tuesday, 17 April 2018 10:05 AM
Subject: Thank you for Bootcamp party

To whom it may concern

I wanted to thank you for the brilliant birthday party my kids and I attended on Saturday afternoon at your Boot camp. We had the most amazing time and Sargent Razor was incredible with all the kids and made us laugh as well! My son and daughter have not stopped talking about bootcamp since Saturday and we will be sure to recommend your party venue and Sargent Razor to our friends.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards
Boot Camp SA Party – August 2015

Dear Anlie,

I just want to thank you so very much for an awesome party for Alex. He enjoyed it so so much and the party is still a talk of the town at school and on facebook.

Your staff was fantastic with the kids and I have to commend them for all their kind efforts. They are so friendly and helpful, and made it special for each and every child. You can just tell they really love what they do and have a passion for children.

What fun we all had. Even the adults. We laughed so so much and had an absolute jol. Even in the rain.

Thank you for your professional assistance and for the lovely snacks, party packs, certificates and Cake. It was all great and there is really nothing I can complain about.

Job well done all!!!!!! I will most certainly spread the word about boot camp and the great, friendly service you get along side it all.

Thank you again for making everyone’s day special.

Have a great long weekend and please send my regards to: Sergeant Razor and Sergeant Beast.
Again,…….Job well done guys. Keep it up!!!!!!

Cheers for now.


Sunet de Kock

Paintball Party – March 2015

Dear Anlie,

Thank you so much for a fantastic, completely stress free party. The venue was awesome, the marshal and other staff extremely professional, and the boys has an absolute ball.

We are very impressed and really grateful.

Kind regards,
Commando Party  07 October 2014 

Hi Anlie

Wow that was the kids party of the century, the kids had a blast. Please thank Ruben, he was fabulous. A 3yr old wanted to join in and did the whole course with Ruben 100% behind him.

All the kids will be talking about this one for a long time, and asking their mum’s and dad’s for their future parties.

Thank you so much


Paintball Commando Combo Birthday Party 18-01-2014

Good afternoon Anlie

We had my son, Tyron’s birthday party there on Saturday. I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon.

Ruben was a wonderful host/instructor/guide. He is an assent to your company, he was extremely accommodating and friendly and the boys loved the time spent with him. One of our guests was only 8 years old and much younger and smaller than all the other boys. Ruben especially impressed me when he made a point of including the youngster in all the activities, helping him in a way that did not make him feel like he was the “baby” of the bunch.

I will be letting all my friends know what a lovely time we had and will be sure to let them know about what you offer and the lovely venue and set up you have there.

Thanking you.

Kind regards,

Angie Kaiser

Paintball Party 09/03/2013

Good Morning Anlie,

Just a big THANK YOU for such an awesome birthday party on Saturday. The area provided was set up so nicely and Sgt Sniper was really good with the boys. They had a fantastic time paintballing and despite some bruises (which they compared and talked about the whole way home!) they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

All in all it was such a great day, and I’m so glad we chose Bootcamp S.A.

Many thanks!

Kind Regards

Cheryl Schravesande (Jacobs mom)

Sniper Party 09-11-12

We had my lil guys sniper party on the weekend…and what absolute fun! Both kids and parents enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The course was fun…the staff were professional, authentic and super at hosting a truly fun filled outdoor experience and left everyone fied with smiles from a day thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you soooooo much for making his day memorable.

We Salute Sgt. Razor

To Whom it May Concern

My name is Wendy Daniels and my grandson Tyler Alicks celebrated his 10th Birthday at boot camp on Sunday. I brought along my 9 year old nephew Kurt who is autistic to the birthday party. Normally he is a loner and prefers to be on his own as he does not converse too well. I explained the situation to Sgt. Razor and asked him if Kurt could join in the activities and if he does not cope I will take him out. He told me not to worry that he would take care of it and ensured me that Kurt would be fine with them. Well as the guardian for the day I was on tender hooks as I did not know what to expect. When Razor introduced himself to the children and explained to them what was going to happen and that they had to listen to his instruction for safety reasons. I held my breath and as he shouted the instructions to the children to my amazement Kurt was carrying out all the instructions and listening to what was being said. His austism has a lot to do with sensations and when I saw him take off his shorts and sweater and glide in the mud like the other boys, I was shocked, as he does not allow himself to get dirty. Need I say more it was the most emotional day for me and he just had the time of his life. That was the first day that he has ever been part of a birthday party and thoroughly enjoyed it. Normally when it is his birthday everyone else enjoys his birthday and basically the other children ignore him.
The highlight for me was when he started to climb the net and when he got halfway he started to panic and Sgt. Razor in his commanding voice told him to hang on that he was coming to help as he wanted to give up, he kept telling him he can do it and that he was right beside him not to worry and all the adults and children started rooting for him saying come Kurt you can do it and the most amazing thing happened he did it with the help of Sgt. Razor talking him through it.

I was so impressed with Sgt. Razor and I speak on behalf of Kurt’s Mum as she was in tears when I showed her the footage of the day. She still cannot believe that is her son had participated in everything of the day. I will speak for Kurt and say I do not think that anyone will realise how much that outing meant to Kurt, Myself the proud aunt and most of all his dear Mum, to see her son like that for the first time brought tears to her eyes. Even as I write this it is so emotional as I am actually reliving Kurt’s experience.

I do not know if Sgt. Razor has any children but God surely has blessed him with a special gift when dealing with children especially with special needs. Your passion and dedication in your job comes shinning through as it is very rarely that we find the right people for the right job.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts as words cannot explain what you have done for that little boy, by treating him like everyone else and challenging him all the way and the encouragement that you gave him..

God Bless you and your family Sgt. Razor and keep that flag flying for the boot camp and especially for the special needs children who do come to spend some time there like Kurt did on Sunday.

We all Salute You…….

Mrs Wendy Daniels

21 August 2012 04:03 PM
Birthday Party Thank you

Hi Anlie,

Just want to say a huge thank you to all you guys and gals at kzn bootcamp especially Sergeant Terror for giving my son and his mates an awesome 9th birthday with lots of fun and entertainment on Sunday 19/08/2012 at 10am for the Sniper Party.

I attach a photo for your records. Take care and all the success to you and your team.

Vani Govender

03 September 2012 05:46 PM

Hi Anlie

Hope you are well …

WOW just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to u and your team our Sarge’s were fantastic and the kids said was the best birthday party ever!!

They LOVED the mud, the huge climbing over net, paintball and the swim in the river i think the best but they enjoyed the whole course …

I will highly recommend you guys as was very efficiently run and everyone including parents had a really good time ..

Much appreciated and take care tks JO )